Many adults contact us to ask how they can recognise when a child or young person may need some support from Nelson’s Journey. With this in mind, here are some of the key indicators that your child may benefit from further support following a bereavement:

– Changes to appetite or sleep pattern e.g. nightmares

– Outbursts of anger or physical aggression

– Not wanting to talk about their feelings or the person who has died

– High levels of anxiety – worries or fears, often about death and dying but the anxiety can also often seem entirely unrelated to the bereavement.

-Regular physical symptoms such as tummy aches or headaches

-In younger children, signs of regression such as bedwetting or separation anxiety

The most important factor to consider in deciding if a child may benefit from additional support is if there has been a significant change in their behaviour over a prolonged period of time and that this change has occurred since the death of their loved one. If in doubt, you can always contact our team to talk through your concerns on 01603 431788.

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