Life (without you) Exhibition

We are delighted to announce the launch of a special art exhibition which will feature in the Forum, Norwich from Friday 31st August to Sunday 2nd September. The exhibition will provide bereaved children and young people the opportunity to express their feelings, emotions and memories following the death of their special person/s.

We encourage children or young people, up to the age of 17yrs (inclusive) who have experienced the death of a special person, to create something that helps them explain what it is like to be a bereaved child or young person e.g. you might feel angry sometimes or happy because you remember funny things that you did together. There are lots of other feelings too and all of them are ok. Some people like to draw how they are feeling and others like to write it out in a poem or maybe even a song.

It is hoped that the exhibition will help break down barriers for bereaved children and young people, helping the wider community to better understand the complex range of feelings and emotions that are felt by those we support at Nelson’s Journey.

Judges will decide which pieces should be included in our exhibition in the Forum and the other pieces will be shown at a special event celebrating the 20th birthday of Nelson’s Journey.

Artwork and written poems will be framed, any clay items will be displayed on a table, and music or spoken poems will be available for people to listen to using headphones.

If you have any queries about the exhibition please contact Sophie Berry on or call 01603 431788.



Download further details about art exhibition from here.