Remembering Mum on Mother’s Day

If you are remembering your Mum or Nan this Mothers Day we know it could be really difficult. We have come up with an activity which will help you remember them year after year that you can do on your own or as a family.

Choose any type of container that is no longer needed; this might be an old wellington boot, a tin, a watering can or even a teapot! If you don’t have anything, a terracotta pot can also work well.

Decorate your container with waterproof paint. You might write your special person’s name or use their favourite colours or paint things that remind you of them.

If possible, make a hole in the bottom of the container (not essential) for better drainage and sprinkle some stones and gravel into the bottom

Fill with compost and make a small hole about 10cm deep and place your bulb, taking care that it’s up the right way. If you wish to plant more than one bulb, make sure they are at least 15cm apart.

The bulb you plant should be one which flowers at this time of year so it may already be in flower when you are planting it – suggestions might be daffodils or crocuses.

Each year your bulb will flower around Mother’s day, take a moment to reflect on memories shared with your special person or just remember them.

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We hope this helps at what can be a difficult time.

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