Stay Connected

Connecting with each other:

We are all currently facing lots of uncertainty and change due to the Coronavirus situation.  Life at the moment may be making you feel worried and that things are a little out of control.  There are lots of people we can stay connected with to help our physical and emotional health and well-being at this time.  Below are a few ideas to help you stay connected, healthy and supported.


Don’t forget your family and friends!

We can stay connected even if we have to self-isolate! Get creative and think of ways you can stay connected with the people you know.


  • Celebrate a special occasion together via a video chat
  • Walk/run/cycle as a household
  • Mail a letter or email to an old friend
  • Teach someone a new skill
  • Play games
  • Set up a group chat
  • Share photos
  • Phone someone
  • Help to a neighbour-from a social distance
  • Smile at others J


If you need a little extra support there are plenty of others willing to help.  Here are a few ideas for children and young people and other members of your family:


Action for Happiness website:

Monthly calendars packed with actions you can take to help create a happier and kinder world.


Just One Norfolk website:     

A local resource providing an app and advice on all aspects of life for a child/ young person.  Specific information about emotional health for young people and parents.


Young Minds website:           

Lots of information about young people’s mental health, with various resources available.  A parents’ helpline is also available.


ChildLine website:                  

Lots of advice for children, young people and parents/ carers.  Plenty of ideas for activities too.


NHS Change for Life:             

At home we’ll have easier access to snacks and treats! Try to keep a routine to mealtimes and choose foods that will nourish your mind and body.


Chat Health:

A text messaging service for 11-19 year olds available Monday-Friday 9-5.  If your child would like to chat to an experienced clinician about a health related matter. Text 07480 635060