Talking to children about the death of the Queen

Nelson’s Journey is saddened by the death of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Our thoughts are with The Royal Family.

The death of the Queen affects children as well as adults. Nelson’s Journey is encouraging families and communities to talk to their children and young people about how the news may be affecting them, and to open up a conversation about death.

For some young children, this may be their first recognition of someone who has died. For others, such as those supported by Nelson’s Journey, the Queen’s death may bring up memories and feelings about deaths that they have previously experienced. Some children may associate memories of those who died with the Queen – perhaps because they have memories of visits to Sandringham Estate or watching the Queen’s Speech together.

Coverage of the Queen’s death and the funeral in one week’s time will be extensive. Children, including those of a young age, will be just as aware of that coverage as adults are. Time spent now talking to children and young people may be helpful in preparing them for the day of the funeral, especially if they want to watch the funeral.

We would like to encourage parents, carers and professionals to read our booklet, ‘At a time of bereavement’. This contains many tips and ideas about how you can talk directly and openly to children about death and the feelings that they may have.

To download a copy of our booklet, please click here:

Read ‘At a time of bereavement’

Please also keep an eye on our Facebook and social media accounts, which will continue to share useful information about talking to children and young people.

Nelson’s Journey’s website also contains many other resources and materials that you may find helpful.

To allow our staff to observe the Day of National Mourning, we will be closing our office next Monday, 19 September.